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Paige. 22. Lesbian. Asian.
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Untitled but addressed.

Dear Mum & Dad

I’ve kept this from the both of you for a very long time, not because I want to but I’m so afraid that you’ll both reject this part of me, and honestly, nothing is going to hurt more than the rejection from your own parents. This is the time to let the both of you know because I feel that its time and its a huge part of me that I wish to share, it isn’t gonna change who I am as a person, I promise you. I’m still going to be the happy-go-lucky kid you’ve always had, I’m still going to enjoy the same things I previously have enjoyed. This is difficult for me as well as the both of you, I’m not asking for immediate acceptance but at least a little tolerance and of course eventual acceptance. In fact, I think understanding everything about this part of me would help the both of you in accepting and loving me anyway. I am not under the influence of drugs or bad influence as I draft this letter, this letter is filled with nothing but sincerity that I wish can be felt through these words of mine. I am gay, Mum. I am gay, Dad. I know that life is going to be tough but it isn’t going to be too tough, I’ll manage. All I need is all the love and support I can get, it’s such a huge part of me that I simply cannot ignore and hide it forever. Go for Pink Dot with me this year, see what it’s like. Understand the community a little. I’ll always be here for the both of you like how you both have been. I love you, Mum. I love you, Dad.

Signing off with all my love.

The letter I need when I’m ready to come out.

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Venice-1 (by - Abhimanyu)

You know how you’re so sad that nothing can hurt as much anymore?

Yup, that’s exactly what I’m feeling right now.

I went for dinner earlier with two close friends and, we had a joy of a time hanging out and catching up. One of them starting talking about the politics that she had to face at work and as guilty as I am, my mind drifted. I watched from the top of the building, it was an alfresco cafe setting, as they laughed and held hands and enjoyed the Friday night together. It seemed so easy for them. Everything was easy, care free and accepting. Yet it is so difficult for gay couples. So difficult. I never thought that it would be easy but neither did I think that it would be so difficult; no matter how difficult it is you’ve to suck it up and be strong about it. You confide in people and they will most likely tell you, this is life. You think through about it and yes this is life.

Life is difficult, just make the best out of it.

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